Clinique des Objets de Relation

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We underline the fact that the characteristics of the Object of Relationship are used to contain an emotion felt by giving it a shape and a quality during the therapeutic action. Therefore it must be differenciated from the fetish, autistic, counter-depressive and transitional objects.
The theoretical framework of reference is the psychoanalytic metapsychology in its contemporary developments, turned to the consistency of the object, which allows the exploration of a clinical aera marked by the intermediator of the link and by the other’s presence.

Thus we pursue the fundamental research on the construction of the link between persons as well as  the place taken by the external objects

We develop the idea that in the therapeutic interaction a thought on the object is an intermediary of the interaction according to what it activates in the transference, counter-transference rapport ; and we are attempting to think differently regarding the pathological use of the object through that which it both represents and calls up within the interaction

In the conceptual stance of the psychoanalytic metapsychology this research enables us to reflect upon the topical, economical and dynamic views mobilised by the usage of the object constitutive of psychic life and of human being
The issue of the object of relationship is particularly heuristic as far as it refers to the pre oedipian and the archaic state. This determines the spheres of experience and practice from which we explore it today, in particular with children, psychoses, groups and families as well as within creative work.