Clinique des Objets de Relation

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The COR is an association of research in social psychology. It was created in 1985 with an aim to develop the idea of an external and real object as and when it becomes a permanent and major link between persons within the scope of a clinical rapport.  Thus the object becomes the witness, the emblem and the relay of the psyches’ tools. We call that object, according to the function it fulfils at that moment, an Object of Relationship. That object, symbolising the clinical rapport, represents via the type of commitment, the state of that relationship. Located in the interface between the persons it activates at heterogeneous levels, it is an external and common representation of the rapport.
The Object of Relationship, the study of which being the major pursuit of the COR, can be conceived as the hinge of the psychic tools at three levels : physical according to its singular properties, insurmountable to the fantasm; psychic via the various commitments of which it is the support and the form; grouped as the depositary of the communal input of the persons present.